Welcome to the Cave-Site of Zungri

Welcome to the Cave-Site of Zungri. We are happy you have decided to visit, and we hope you enjoy this journey back in time, allowing you to see how people managed to live, for more than a thousand years, in complete harmony with Nature, and with their own spirituality. You are free to visit the site by yourselves, or else in the company of a topographical guide. Our guides can help you to discover the site's more remote corners, and to explore some aspects that would not be apparent without expert knowledge. We also specialize in guided tours for school groups. It is an honour for us to welcome children. We offer them specially designed activities in which they can make discoveries and learn about this fascinating environment. Our guides are trained to get the most out of the issues represented at this site, and the surrounding environment, and relate them to the school curriculum. The experience is sure to be enjoyable and stimulating for our younger explorers.
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Instituted in 2003, the Museum is situated in Via Indipendenza in Zungri (VV). It stands in an area where an old olive-press once stood. It is also the entrance and ticket-office to the Rock-Cut Site of Zungri. Inside the Museum, as well as the exhibits on display, visitors can also consult the touch table, which introduces the unique features of the archeological area below. In addition, a multimedia totem allows access to the contents of the website, as regards the Museum and the Rock-Dwellings, also for people with reduced mobility.


Rent an iPAD at the museum to enjoy the visit to the Zungri caves in Virtual Reality.
You can dive and experience the magic of the place jumping back 1000 years.
You'll meet the monk who inhabited one of the caves.
Do not miss this opportunity!

Before proposing our classic visitor itinerary, it is a good idea to provide some information on the most suitable clothing, and the best way to approach the site generally, in order to do so in complete safety and comfort.

REMEMBER: there are steep slopes, and the path is natural and unsurfaced. Therefore please observe the following rules:
Maximum Attention, Minimum Encumbrance and Good Grip.

  • It is vital that you wear footwear designed for walking on uneven, slippery ground.Therefore we recommend that you wear boots with features similar to those used for hiking excursions.It is important that the soles are ribbed, to increase their grip. Also, the boots should be high enough to protect the whole ankle, to help prevent twisted or sprained ankles.

  • We suggest that any gadgets and accessories are kept inside a small rucksack. This will allow your hands to be kept free, so you can use handholds when descending to the site. Also, and especially for those not used to hiking in a natural environment, it's a good idea to use one trekking pole only. This will increase your stability during the descent.

  • As regards clothing, a lot depends on the time of year when you visit. However, regardless of the seasonal conditions and weather, it is a good idea to wear clothes in “layers”, one on top of the other, so that you can take them off or do them up again easily. This will allow you to negotiate the slopes without perspiring too much, and to add more layers of clothing if conditions then become cooler.
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